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Caring for Your Flowers

At Green Mountain Blooms, we provide the freshest flowers possible. All are conditioned with great care. The following are some easy steps you can take to ensure the maximum vase life from your cut flowers.

  • Protect your flowers from extreme heat or cold in transport.
    Flowers can travel several hours without water; they can even endure high and low temperatures for a short time.
  • Remove any foliage that will be under water.
    Cleaning off the lower foliage will help the water in your vase stay cleaner. Allow the upper foliage to remain. Leaves are the "lungs" of a flower, and blooms will be bigger and longer-lasting when healthy foliage remains on the stem.
  • Use flower food as directed.
    When used in the correct measure, this product is a water softener and natural germ killer. In the wrong measure it may not do either. Clean water that is easily absorbed is essential for long-lasting blooms.
  • Give all stems a fresh cut.
    Flowers will naturally heal the cut of their stems during transport. Always cut each stem with clean, sharp scissors just before placing them in water. An angle cut is best.
  • Change the water.
    If the water in your vase turns cloudy, it's time for a change. Wash out the vase, and mix a new batch of fresh water and flower food. Cut 1/2 inch off all stems.

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